mercoledì 28 giugno 2017

Web 2.0 Tools

I have just  finished a   course for  Italian  Teachers working on the Platform Edmodo.
We had to  learn and  share ideas about   some Web 2.0 Tools.  Most of them were  not new to me but   I could  do some work and see the great  mastrepieces the other  teachers had worked on. Every week we had to post some homework.  I worked online and could train in some way!!

Here is my  Tackk: I have learnt about a new Tool  which I will  use next year  : Trucider.
It can be used for  brainstorming, taking  decisions and  it is user-friendly.

Thanks to  Edmodo for this  free  online Learning  Community Experience!!

I am  aware that the Learning  Community of the Italian  Teachers is active and  also engaged during the  summer  time!


martedì 27 giugno 2017

Creating Motivation, Creating Learning

                                        Getting  everybody engaged  

In March I was online and  I could see the great  webinar presented by  Chaz Pugliese - the main topic was motivation .

You can find  Q& A which  followed the  webinar in the  Iatefl blog

I could not watch the webinar again but I would like to share  the link from the blog as  the presentation was  focussed on important  issues in education.

Chaz  Pugliese is a great educators who has worked on  Motivation and Creativity.   He has just written about  the importance of  Motivation in  reading and  ELT :

Pugliese has also talked about  teachers and  why they should be motivated when teaching : this is one of the most important  issues in education.

Watch the short interview which he gave last spring at IATEFL : he invited  teachers to reflect on what happens or happened  in their lessons.

                                                            IATEFL   2017

Pugliese has developed a new approach to teaching and as a trainer he has tried to find new ways in teaching:

                                                TEACHING WITH  MIKE  DAVIS

More  resources online   about   Motivation

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lunedì 26 giugno 2017



I have  always loved reading but reading and understanding  poetry can sometimes be difficult for our  ELT  learners.
Teachers need to find  the right approach and some strategies for enhancing  learning  while  reading  a poem .
When  teaching  poetry in English I usually  introduce the poem by using  images: sometimes it works, sometimes I need to work on words and sounds. Wordclouds are often used to brainstorm the topic in a text.

Thanks to  Twitter and the many educators who were involved in sharing ideas about  poetry in April this year I was able to  collect some interesting  documents online. They will help me develop  some activities for my Literature Lessons in English.

Using  Videos in the Introduction  Phase : Internet is now a great source of texts and we can rely on a lot of free material and videos online helping us for developing a better presentation and lesson.



Why teaching  Poetry?

 Because we can learn how to use words and think about what we want to express by using just a few words sometimes or by following sound patterns and rhymes.
Because we can express our  creativity and  use new language structures while learning a language we do not know very well.

Shelly  Terrell made a great webinar about teaching and learning with  Poetry: here is her  presentation shared in  April when we have " National Poetry  Month".

Learning with Poetry: Activities and Resources from Shelly Sanchez Terrell

More ideas are available online thanks to the many webinars which focussed on teaching  Elt  and Poetry:


martedì 13 giugno 2017

# Mrs Dalloway Day