domenica 18 marzo 2018

Learning in a Museum Mooc

I am ready to start this new experience online : Learning in a Museum.

It will be a new experience on the European Platform Gateway :

I have already enrolled and  am on the FB page.  I am a bit curious to learn more about what I could do. As I teach in a school where Art is important  I hope I will get some more tips.

Meanwhile I have searched online to find more about  some important  virtual museums:

I am looking forward to the first week's Mooc course.

mercoledì 7 febbraio 2018

Women's Rights

Right now I am teaching  V.Woolf 's famous  piece of writing  about " Shakespeare's sister". I was comparing  the life of  William Shakespeare and the life of Juliet but most of the students seemed bored. Reading about  how a woman might have to struggle to become a  writer or  dramatist is something they are not interested in.

My students do not seem to know much about the fights that took place in the UK and also in the most developed countries in the XX century. I must confess that  I feel this is bad.  At their  age  I was aware of the  great events that marked women's voices to get the right to vote.

I feel it is important to remember these women whose   ideals changed the future of their  daughters.
The text written by Virginia Woolf is important to remind us that   today we still  have  women who cannot decide about their  future.

domenica 28 gennaio 2018

Teaching History The Holocaust

I wrote some posts in my class blog dealing with this issue- the Holocaust.  I could not present this interesting video which I think might be useful  to focus on the importance of  remembering.

I will bookmark it to work on it with my students  next year  as we will do a bit of history about Europe and the past inthe fifth year.

Internet is offering  a lot of interesting documents which are  worth  sharing  and which can be used  for Clil and history lessons   in English. 

27th January 2018

Let's remember  what happened. I created this  short slideshow for my  activity in Evo as I am comoderating one session.

I hope all Teachers and educators will help the young to remember the  Holocaust.

Remembering the Holocaust on PhotoPeach

martedì 16 gennaio 2018

Evo 2018 Kick off

I will be online helping in the EVO SESSION   ICT4ELT. This will be from 28th January and I will help and support the participants in Learning more about   web 2.0 tools in ELT.
Meanwhile,  EVO2018 has started and  we have just begun. It is a pity that I am  still busy with lots of activities at school . I wish I could  spend more hours online.

venerdì 5 gennaio 2018

Evo 2018

The new  EVO 2018  session starts next week.

If you are interested you can enrol on line and choose among the many courses they are offering:

They are all free and I will be  co-moderating in one session.

I hope you will  do some  activities online.  You will learn a lot.

domenica 31 dicembre 2017


Some more hours and the  new year  is  coming : what we did is now part of us .
Maybe  we did something wrong. But we learn by making  mistakes and  it is important to be positive to start working  again in the new year.

Let's be positive and let's try to build new opportunities for the ones who are suffering, children and people living in the poorest areas of the world.